29. The Secret For Women Who Want To Stop Doing It All | Mendy Shriver

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I had a no excuses mentality and I did well. There was never any room for, “I feel like crap and I need to sleep for two days and recover and watch Netflix.” That is the American mentality, and it became my mentality, and I’m wondering if it’s snuck in and become your mentality too, and ruined you? It’s kind of ruined me.

Jesus got in a boat, he went across the lake, he knew he needed to rest, he went and chilled out. Why aren’t we paying more attention to our bodies? Why aren’t we more aware of when we are overwhelmed by people and we need to pull back? That’s what Jesus did.

When you say suck it up buttercup, it creates shame inside of someone’s heart. And when we say it to ourselves and we push down the feelings and we don’t pay attention to our bodies, it creates disease, cancer, stress, anxiety, headaches, obesity, and adrenal fatigue.

I couldn’t sustain it anymore. I couldn’t sustain the message I was giving my own fitness clients. I was strung out tired and my life was crumbling and I was showing up and I felt so fake and phony.

He created our bodies to need rest, and to need water, and to need kindness and gentleness and love toward ourselves and others.

It’s less about disciplining yourself to loose weight and more about disciplining yourself to have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ and grace upon yourself. You have to live in His grace to function at a healthy level. You know that there is nothing you can suck up enough to be worthy of his love.

You were made for more. You were never meant to suck it up, push it down, go, go, go, do more, be more. You don’t have to because Jesus did it on the cross for you.

Listen now to the whole podcast episode on the “suck it up buttercup” and other lies women believe that keep us stuck and sick:

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