Blogs for Christian Women

Blogs for Christian Women

16 Blogs to Follow for Christian Women

I believe words, and stories, have the power to heal.

Blogs have been an inspiration to me since I posted the first time over a decade ago. I started by simply sharing moments, a digital scrapbook of sorts, and used words to wrap around our painful, yet miraculous adoption journey. 

When we put words to something painful, we allow our grief to the surface where it can heal and remind others through our vulnerability that they are not alone. I believe some of Satan’s best tactics are to cause us to burry our pain, and think we are entirely alone. Blogging for Christian women is in direct opposition to those evil plans.

Beyond wrestling through life’s tough stuff, and connecting us with each other, blogging is also a celebration of beauty, creativity, and fun! These things all reflect the heart of our Father God.

John 10: 10 says “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy: I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” Blogging is a celebration of the abundant life we have in Jesus.

Because blogging has had such an impact on my life, both as a place to share my journey and what God has been teaching me, and to learn and be inspired by other amazing blogs for Christian women, I’ve created a short list of the most inspirational women I follow.

These are blogs that have touched my soul over the years, and I hope you find a few that God will use to speak truth, hope, and value into your life. If you put these women in a room, they wouldn’t agree on everything or even have similar life experiences. Yet I think they would connected deeply because they each have a deep abiding love for Jesus and His mercy in the storm. 

Madison Vinning

I first started following Madison in 2017 after her adopted daughter Harbor died in a tragic accident. We had a couple of friends in common and when they shared a prayer request for her family, my heart was wretched by the rawness of their journey. Even though I’ve never lost a child, having one with profound special needs, I could relate deeply to her candid way of sharing her grief and faith in Jesus.

Plus, Madison has a serious talent for capturing her family and farm moments. Her inspirational life, mixed with the immense pain of loss, is just the right contrast most of us feel in our lives too. And if you love consuming lots of her content, she is a daily hero at Instagram stories.

On Madison’s blog and Instagram account, you can find home décor and outfit inspiration, dreamy pictures of her farm-mansion and kids, education about homeschooling, wellness, natural parenting, and essential oils, and hear her humble heart on adoption, grief, and what God is teaching her through it all.

Madison Vinning - Blogs for Christian Women

Read an excerpt of Madison’s beautiful words:

“My sunshine girl ☀️
I don’t understand it and it’s not the way I’d write it… but I trust it. The God who made you and the God who moved mountains for you… there’s no way He is anything but good.
Through it all… through the pits of hell we are walking through… through the suffocating screaming unrelenting awfulness… we can still say that God is good. The God who never had to give us this gift in the first place is good.
Thank you, Jesus. We are so thankful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “Let the waters rise if you want them to. We will follow you.”
Our baby, our joy, but God’s daughter first.”

Madison’s Blog: www.madisonvining.com   Madison’s Instagram: @madisonvinningblog

Jasmine Holms

Jasmine Holms is one of my favorite blogs for Christian women. I ran across Jasmine on the internet in 2017 in a guest post she wrote for the Desiring God blog. I found topics on her blog like “The Most Painful Lies Stay-At-Home Moms Tell Themselves” and “Saying ‘The Gospel Is Enough’ Is Not Enough” and “Single Black Women in Evangelical White Space: Eight Things We Wish You Knew.”

Jasmine is as smart as she is eloquent and was writing about important cultural topics long before “woke America” started doing it. Jasmine’s advice was everything my mom heart needed to hear, while educating me on topics that made me a better person. And she managed to do it all while keeping the gospel the main thing.

Jasmine weaves in Christ-centered wisdom and her journey with miscarriage and depression in an honest way many women can relate with. When I read Jasmine’s blog, I feel lifted up to a new standard of maturity in loving Jesus, while also feeling less alone on the journey.

Jasmine Holms - blogs for Christian Women

We all have something to learn from this sweet lady who tells it like it is! Jasmine writes this about Post-Partum Depression:

“Even when my Bible-reading plans failed, my quiet time fell off the map, and my spirit was parched, opening to the Psalms never failed — until now. Now, I open my Bible, pick the Psalm of the day, and stare at it. It’s foreign.

Postpartum depression has stolen the familiarity of things that used to bring me joy.

But, the other day, at the lowest of low points, I asked my husband to read us a Psalm, and instead of incoherent feelings of estrangement, I had a very coherent thought: “I don’t feel like this applies to me.”

As I shared all of this with my husband, he stared at me, a bit skeptical, because he knows that I know better. But I thank God he was there to remind me: “God doesn’t condition his willingness to rescue us based on our righteousness, but on the righteousness of another.”

The Bible is full of men and women who walked through dark valleys, and many are listed in the hall of faith. How? The only possible answer could be that their faith did not sprout from their weak hearts, but, rather, from the heart of their Savior (2 Corinthians 5:21).”

Jasmine’s Blog: www.jasminelholmes.com   Jasmine’s Instagram: @jasminelholmes

Abigail Dodds

I found Abigail Dodd’s blog in 2015 recommended in a special needs group. You see I have a daughter with special needs, and somehow Abigail put into the clearest words I had ever read, how it all felt. Even if you don’t have a child with special needs, Abigail’s blog is well worth a read.

She has a talent with words and theology, and knows how to juxtapose the horrors of life with the grandness of the cross. Your specific battle may not be a special needs child, but we all experience our own losses as part of the human experience. I bet you will relate in some way, and Abigail will help you view that pain in a way you never thought of.

In addition to posts about special needs, you can find Abigail’s super smart and relevant posts on being a Christian woman in our modern world. She shares about using Instagram for Christ, women teaching from the word being underutilized in the church, and considerations for the church in a postmodern age.

Abigail Dodds - Blogs for Christian Women

A recent excerpt from Abigail’s blog I can personally relate with, having a child in the ICU on Easter:

“The strange dissonance of the morning’s celebratory music, decadent food, and my royal blue dress bursting with flowers set against my little boy’s blue lips and pale face, his convulsing body and soiled clothes, has been swirling in my mind all day. Who is the real Jesus? Is he robed in purple, feasting, conquering, and triumphing? Or is he lowly and despised–body broken, blood spilled, rejected by men? It’s not that hard of a question really. We all should know the answer is yes. He is both.”

Abigail’s Blog: www.hopeandstay.com  Abigail’s Instagram: @abigail_dodds

Lana Stenner

Lana has been a personal friend of Gospel Centered Health since it’s beginning. She has graciously appeared on the podcast and collaborated on Instagram with us. Lana is a college marketing professor, mom of 4 grown children, grandmother, and runs the “The Grace Filled Homestead.”

If you love baby goats in sweaters, newborn ducks swimming in farmhouse sinks filled with flowers, recipes like “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”, and a regular dose of Jesus, you will LOVE following Lana! Not only does Lana have an irresistible charm and way of capturing moments that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but she has an excellent message about creating balance in life.

Lana used to run marathons, raise four children, and balance career, faith, and marriage. She knows what burn out feels like and is intentional about finding a Christ centered balance. Of all the blogs for Christian women, this one is sweet and centered on Christ. 

Lana Stenner - blogs for Christian Women

This is what Lana says:

“I run on God’s grace, strong coffee & lots of KC BBQ. Our life is hectic and messy. As a recovering perfectionist, I have banned the word perfect from my vocabulary. Most days we hold it all together in healthy high-performance mode… other days end with cozy PJs at 7pm and my favorite girl, Little Debbie. I call that grace and balance!”

You can find a free One Year Bible Reading Program to download on Lana’s website, as well as gardening tips, farmhouse DIY, and I hear she’s working on a cookbook! Be sure to check out Lana’s incredible Instagram account too.

Lana’s Blog: www.lanastenner.com  Lana’s Instagram: @lanastenner

Tara Sun

I love Tara because she embodies the biblical principle that youth and age don’t define the kingdom impact you can have. Tara started her blog and online ministry teaching the word of God to women, when she was 19. Now married, and three years and 50,000 followers later, she humbly shares Bible study tools mixed with a little fashion and blogging advice.

More than just a sweet Christian girl with a knack for influencing, Tara shares her faith with firm conviction and competence. Having been given up for adoption by her birth mom, and wrestling for years with chronic disability, Tara’s faith through hard times is beautiful and authentic. 

Tara Sun - blogs for Christian Women

Here’s an excerpt from one of Tara’s recent Instagram posts:

“… in the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your FATHER who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16, emphasis added)
In whatever we do — like 1 Corinthians 10:31 says — you and I have the opportunity to glorify God. Every action, every thought and every word holds potential to either bring our Savior and King glory or not.

Giving God the glory means believing, attributing and recognizing who He truly is. It’s putting Him first in everything, believing that He is supreme and letting our actions scream, “God alone!” above ourselves.
This is our occupation. Glory-carriers. Image bearers. Magnifying glasses to point to our Savior. Lights in a dark world. What an honor. Now, rise. Shine. Give God the glory. Armor yourself daily in His power, mission and truth.”

Tara’s Blog: www.tarasunministries.com  Tara’s Instagram: @misstarasun

Ashley Henriott

The Gospel Centered Health team found Ashley Henriott a few months back and we are in love with this girl! Also rolling on the ground laughing at her crazy mom life reels on Instagram. You really must watch them. Of all the blogs for Christian women, Ashley’s will have you laugh out loud!

Ashley grew up in an abusive home, and quickly became a single mom of two small boys. God redeemed and restored her life, and today she’s married with four energetic kids and a chocolate lab. 

I think Ashley’s magic is in her wild rawness. She shows up as her authentic self in a way that helps her followers embrace who they’ve been made in Christ. When you see Ashley out there being her lovely self, it makes me think “I’m okay too.”

Ashley has a podcast called “Motherhood Unfiltered”, a free Bible Study download, lots of fun influencer links to mom stuff we all enjoy, and blogs like: “You are not the perfect parent, but you serve a perfect God.”

Ashley Henriott - blogs for Christian Women

I love this excerpt from one of Ashley’s recent posts:

“God is famous for caring and preparing us for greater things. He walks ahead to fight the battles we fear we can’t win. He calms the seas we’re convinced we can’t beat. He softens the blows we worry will take us down. He knows our road. He understands our coming trauma. He knows how to lead us through it.

Do you know what this means? We can worry less.

Just as I opened up the right path for my kids, God is opening the right path for us. It is for good. It will strengthen us. It will help us. It will lead us in the right way. It will lift us above harm.”

Ashley’s Blog: www.ashleyhenriott.com  Ashley’s Instagram: @ashley.henriott

Sara Jo

Sara Jo is one of the first people I “met” and really connected with when I joined Instagram! Sara is a talented artist and shares adorable photos of her family’s 1893 farm house in rural Kansas.

Sara has a unique journey being born with a clef pallet and talks about finding value in Christ and His love for those who are disabled. This burden to celebrate disability and God’s design, led Sara Jo and her husband to adopt a little blind girl from India.

Sara Jo shares her remarkable journey, along with all things farm life, diy, historic restoration, art, homeschooling, and faith.

Sara Jo - Blogs for Christian Women

Here is a sweet excerpt from their adoption journey:

“Today, was the first time Ellie Pearl didn’t scream with fear during her bath. It was the first time that we went to town together, just Ellie and I. 

Just like newborns have “tummy time” to strengthen their neck and core body muscles, we try to get Ellie Pearl to stand every day. She still has to hold on to something, but every day she gets a little stronger.

Many of you have messaged me asking about therapy and sharing your concerns about Elliotte meeting certain milestones for her age. While some of that is important, our main focus is firstly her emotional strength. We are currently in what is called the cocooning period where she learns what a family is, that we aren’t leaving, and that we will meet all of her needs. This takes time and we will do everything at her pace. All children are different and children who have endured trauma deserve pressure-free expectations. The best way you can help us is by continuing to pray for our precious little princess. She’s bonding and thriving because prayer is powerful.”

Sarah’s Blog: www.bryartonfarm.com Sarah’s Instagram: @bryartonfarm

The Urban Christian Woman

Being a missionary’s kid, and living in two culturally opposite states, California and Texas, I’ve learned that Christian culture looks different depending on what part of the world you live in. This is a beautiful thing! However, Christian’s become trapped when they believe their cultural version of Christianity is the correct one.

I have seen this happen in the “Christian Blogger” world as many of the writers are white suburban or rural Christian stay at home moms. I find myself in this category as well, and know what an amazing work for the kingdom these women are doing. It’s nothing to look down on!

But if we only ever read about the experiences of Christians just like us, we will only ever see a tiny sliver of all that God made beautiful in this world. We may also lack appropriate compassion for people who suffer differently than us. Of all the blogs for Christian women, this one is a must read. 

The Urban Christian Woman

This is why I am passionate about The Urban Christian Woman Blog! It fills a much needed space in the female Christian blogging world. Women from Urban areas fundamentally grow up with different life experiences, risk factors, and cultures than those who don’t. They also experience greater persecution for their faith.

The Urban Christian Woman Blog is dedicated to discipleship, staying true to the context of scripture, and relevantly living out their belief in daily life. You will find posts about culture, family and marriage, mental health, singleness, theology, womanhood, and much more. All from a fiercely biblical perspective.

TUCW Blog: www.theurbanchristianwoman.com  TUCW Instagram: @theurbanchristianwoman

Emily Spain

My favorite food blogger! Emily is actually a personal friend, lovely woman of God, and an accomplished healthy dessert blogger.

After years of struggling with health conditions, Emily did some research and was inspired to change her diet. The positive results were so profound for her that skipping gluten, dairy and sugar, became a new way of life. A dessert lover at heart, she went to work in the kitchen creating delicious, and healthy treats so she wouldn’t have to sacrifice that joy for her health. 

What came from that journey is Pretty Pies! (And they are SUPER pretty too.) Now an author of two cookbooks, “P.S. It’s Healthy”, and “Yeah! It’s Sugar Free”, and local Texas Bakery (which I’ve had, and it’s to die for), Emily shares her creations with the world. 

Pretty Pies - Blogs for Christian Women

Any time I have a friend I know with special dietary needs, or who is looking to eat healthier, I always refer them to Pretty Pies. At Gospel Centered Health, we wholeheartedly support living a healthy lifestyle, without following complex food rules that leave you eating plan lettuce and chicken. God intended for food to both nourish us, and bring us joy, without become an idol. Emily’s creations are the perfect celebration of those things.

Emily’s Blog: www.prettypies.com  Emily’s Instagram: @emily.likes.food

Ivette Valdez

When I first found Ivette I got lost on her blog and Instagram for a good long while. Her esthetic, photography, and style are just dreamy. Ivette is a Mexican American daughter of immigrants living in the Central Valley of California. She is a pastor, writer, and passionate about helping Latina women embrace their identities with confidence so they can step into all that Jesus has for them.

Having spent considerable time in Spanish speaking countries, finding Ivette’s blog felt a little like coming home and celebrating a culture so dear to me! And she does it SO well. Mixing in a little espanol, fierce love of Familia and hospitality, and sharing the unique experiences of being the daughter of immigrants. She also applies scripture to rhythms of gratitude, friendship, and faith.

Ivette Valdez - Blogs for Christian Women

Ivette shares it best in her own words:

“Maybe you’ve seen the online swirl around a famous influencer who recently talked about her “sweet cleaning lady” and equated the result of hard work to a limited view of her own success?

I’m am 0% interested in canceling or harboring offense, but what I hope to do is offer some perspective, to remind us of the humanity behind all the noise.

And that brings me to this.

My mom wakes up at 4am every day. She pours a taza de café, reads her Bible, prays, packs her lonche and then heads to a military base where she cleans homes for a living.

She is not just “a sweet lady”. She is funny, bold, fierce defender of familia and a strong mujer de fe.

If you are around her for any amount of time, you will see, She works HARD. My dad always says that during their decades as farm workers, there was no one, men included, who could pick grapes as fast as her.

Let’s talk about those women, those mujeres who clean homes, pick food, cook meals and who, even in the midst of their struggle, are wildly successful in the most divine of ways.

Let’s honor them.

Some wake up early, others work nights or multiple shifts, but all of them are fueled by a deep sense of purpose. They exude love and strength, which cannot be gained through worldly metrics of financial success.

They aren’t climbing mountains because they are too busy providing and protecting, feeding and fortaleciendo their families and communities around them, so yes, WE RELATE TO THEM. We see ourselves in them, we owe so much of who are and where we are to them and today and every day, we honor them. They are doing something RIGHT and we will pay attention.” 

Ivette’s Blog: www.ivettevaldez.com  Ivette’s Instagram: @_simplyivette

Dana Schmoyer

My husband and I met Tim and Dana Schmoyer over a decade ago at a youth ministry conference. We had three kids at the time and the Schmoyers didn’t have any. Dana and I remained friends as we added two more to our family through foster care adoption, and Dana give birth to seven kids in eight years! If you’re in the thick of motherhood, this is one of my favorite blogs for Christian women. 

As you can imagine, going from no children, to seven in such a short space of time, including a set of twins and their last baby born partially blind, motherhood was not easy for Dana. Suffering from postpartum depression and some very dark seasons, Dana has come out on the other side with help from her doctor, the support of family and friends, and most of all her precious relationship with Jesus. She’s “vlogged” about her experiences to her 100k+ subscribers on the Reclaiming Motherhood Youtube channel.

Dana Schomeyer - Blogs for Christian Women

I love that Dana gives people an inside view to what it’s like to parent, and homeschool, seven kids so close in age.  She gives amazing tips and encouragement, and shares the sweet moments along with the difficult and messy ones. Watching Dana gives you the feeling that “if she can do it, I can too.”

Dana is all about turning chaos into joy. I hope you love this sweet, godly woman as much as I do.

Dana’s Youtube: Reclaiming Motherhood  Dana’s Instagram: @danaschmoyer

Lucrecia Slater

I first found Lucrecia on Instagram, and being passionate about emotional, mental, and spiritual health, instantly connected with her message. Lucrecia is a Social Worker, former army veteran, and redeemed daughter of the King.

Having worked through her own traumatic upbringing, and an abusive marriage, Lucrecia is now a remarried mother of two. She does the hard personal work of healing from her past, and uses those experiences to minister to others.

On Lucrecia’s blog, The Soul Food Collective, you can find topics like beauty, self-confidence, self-care, co/parenting after divorce, trauma and forgiveness, and biblical womanhood. What I love about Lucrecia is her consistant desire to grow and the humility she walks with.

Lucrecia Slater - blogs for Christian Women

Check out an excerpt from one of Lucrecia’s recent posts:

“I shared the news about me passing my comprehensive exam with my daughters. They both erupted with cheers and congratulations! Then they came over and hugged me. I was so overcome with emotion because I knew another chain had been broken. All I’ve achieved, but especially my failures, have played pivotal roles in this new lineage that God is creating through my bloodline.

I used to often wonder why God chose me to be “the one” in my family to break the generational chains. He said “you weren’t the only one I went to, you were just the one who said ‘yes.’” I cried. Through every single hardship I’ve endured—poverty, abuse, neglect, rejection, mental illness, sexual assault, etc. (and I mentioned the hardships because it’s always the victories we like to highlight), God has shown me how those pieces weren’t wasted. And if even He chooses to stop showing me, He chose me…because I said yes.

Showing up isn’t easy. But let me encourage you with this—if you choose to show up, don’t do it for social media, the applause, the attention, the likes, or the acceptance. Show up because God chose you! Show up for His applause, His approval, His attention, for HIM!

Cause it’s in that truest element of showing up where the chains are broken, the generational curses are destroyed, you and your children/family are blessed. Even if you’re a little younger than me or your dynamics are different (single mom, single w/no kids, married w/no kids, dating, divorced, widowed, or whatever) keep showing up because there’s certainly a place for you and a new lineage waiting to be birthed through you.

—In this with you,
Lucrecia ❤️

Lucrecia’s Blog: www.lsslater.com  Lucrecia’s Instagram: @lucreciasslater

Katie Westenberg

When I read Katie’s thoughts on mothering, my soul felt like it found home. Katie has a remarkable way with words, and putting language around the experiences of marriage, parenting, faith, and friendship.

Katie Westenberg - blogs for Christian women

I love what Katie says about the sacred, often overlooked job of motherhood:

“In a culture that seems intent on shattering the traditional family, those who seek to humbly and faithfully build at home are engaged in a inestimable act of resistance. Do not for a second underestimate the work you do inside the four walls of your home. Do not believe that you are fully subject to the changing tides of culture. Truth should be taught and tended here, friend. We train hearts and minds, transfer history and Truth, and trust God to do powerful work through our very real weakness and ineptitude. That is His glory – His power is made perfect right there, friend.”

Katie speaks beautiful truth about facing our fears as women with the truth of God and finding our ultimate worth in Him. She also authors “I choose Brave: Embracing Holy Courage and Understanding Godly Fear.”

Katie’s Blog: www.katiewestenberg.com  Katie’s Instagram: @ichoosebrave

Crystal Paine

Crystal has been in the Christian blogging world since 2007, and was probably one of the first women to make it big. And while this is not a list of the most well known Christian blogs, Crystal is on it because she has personally impacted my life. 

Crystal is the real deal. I met her in person in 2014 at a homeschooling conference. There were dozens of talented speakers and exhibits, but I was drawn to attended every seminar of hers I could, and learn how to manage my time and money better. Crystal made an effort to individually greet and talk with everyone who came. 

Crystal had “made it” in the online space and retired her husband. Yet her heart was humble and focused on serving others, and giving back to an impoverished village. I learned organization and money saving tips from her I still use every day. 

Crystal Paine - blogs for Christian Women

After meeting Crystal, I took her course “Make Over Your Mornings” and it was just the help I needed in trying to thrive with five small kids and special needs. On Crystal’s website “Money Saving Mom” you will find all things money saving, cooking and shopping on a budget, and money making ideas.

Money is something most of us struggle with in one way or another, especially if you are a mom whose earning potential is limited by family needs. Money Saving Mom will give you fresh eyes, and a new hope to have a little more space to breath.

Crystal also has an amazing new book- “Love Centered Parenting.” In the book she shares intimate parenting struggles and how Jesus taught her to stop living in shame and parent from a place love, while releasing the outcomes to Him. In the past several years, Crystal and her husband have become foster parents, and it’s been an amazing story to follow along with on Instagram.  

Crystal’s Blog: www.moneysavingmom.com  Crystal’s Instagram: @themoneysavingmom

Mendy Shriver

Last, but certainly not least, I love THIS little blog founded by Mendy Shriver, called Gospel Centered Health. Mendy is a former fitness professional, turned Christian counselor and is passionate about helping women live with healthy bodies and spirits.

Mendy used to find confidence in her coveted 17% body fat, position of authority in the fitness world as a boutique gym owner, and her church going family with three handsome sons. All that worldly confidence came crumbling down when Mendy and her husband adopted two older girls from Africa.

Overcoming massive culture shock, language and learning challenges, figuring out how to live in a family after orphanage life, and suddenly raising 5 preteens/teens was traumatic for the whole family. It took years before they began to feel balanced again.

In the aftermath Mendy sold her gym, gained 30 pounds, and was so desperate at one point she contemplated driving off a bridge. In was in this dark pit that God met her, and began showing her what confidence in God, instead of in the world, looked like. 

Mendy now advocates for women to become truly healthy, through her BodyCare Blueprint and Faith, Food, Fitness Jumpstart. She also is a professional coach and Christian counselor helping women heal emotionally and spiritually.

Mendy Shriver - blogs for Christian women

Here’s an excerpt from one of Mendy’s posts:

“Someone I respect a lot, told me recently it wasn’t healthy for a grown woman to be crying alone in her closet. I love this person but had to disagree! I used to stay so busy running a gym, trying to heal as an adoptive family, and eating my emotions in the car when no one was looking, but now I am more intentional about actually feeling. God gave us a full spectrum of emotions for his glory, and we are made to feel them, not avoid or eat them! So sister, if you need to go be alone in your closet, grab your bible, and have a good cry, you are in good company.”

Mendy’s Blog: (you are Here!)  Mendy’s Instagram: @gospelcenteredhealth


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  • I always like listening to black preachers famous, especially Pastor Henderson. He is the founder of https://www.keionhenderson.com/about-us/, CEO, and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries. He inspired many people of all genres and backgrounds to face life’s challenging stages with tools, courage, and purpose including me.


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