Christian Podcasts for Women (2021)

Looking for the best Podcasts for Christian women? From marriage and parenting, to activism, wellness, mental health, faith, money, and comedy, we’ve got every category covered with our top picks! Perfect for bingeing on in the car or on a walk!  

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Why are Podcasts Popular?

Podcasts have gained huge popularity in recent years. They uniquely suit our busy modern lifestyles and satisfy our need for education, entertainment, and community in bite sized chunks. Where many people don’t have time to sit down to deep dive into a 10k word article, they can listen for 20-30 minutes on their morning commute or carpool. 

Podcasts are available on nearly any topic or genre that interests you, from crime, comedy, and business, to celebrities, self improvement, and sermons.  It’s like on demand radio suited to niche interests. It’s also great for serial content and deep dives into topics you might normally not have time to explore. 

In an overly digital world that feels lacking in meaningful human connections, I love the up close and candid communication from podcasts hosts. It feels like listening to a long message from an old friend. And in the stale or overly fake world of media, that is refreshing.

Finding Time to Listen to Podcasts

You may be thinking, I barely have time to care for myself, there is no way I have time for one more thing! But when opportunities to sit by the pool with a good book are more rare in my life than snow in June, somehow Podcasts seem like the perfect fit. Here are the 4 ways I love listening.

Walking: Brisk walking is one of my favorite ways to lower stress and stay healthy. When I’m not out walking with girlfriends, you can be sure I have a podcast playing in my ear buds. The hour I walk passes quickly and I’m left feeling inspired and flooded with happy endorphins from walking. 

Driving: I spend a lot of time in the car with 5 teens/tweens, taking them to school, church, and activities. Many weeks my car time is between 10-20 hours! When I’m not talking with my kids, I love a good podcast. I feel like I can redeem these margins in my life for something positive and it helps me look at these tasks with more gratitude. 

Housework: Between chatting with my girlfriends on the Marco Polo app and listening to podcasts, I’m able to do housework and it feels more like social hour or self care. That’s winning in my book! 

Hair and Makeup: Though often my mornings are filled with kids who can’t find the toothpaste, my cat wanting to drink out of the sink, reminding the kids cookies aren’t for breakfast, or calming a mini meltdown, I still love to sneak in a short podcast while doing my hair and makeup. Even if it’s just twenty minutes, it makes a difference. Especially on mornings I’m tired and it seems like we go from one mini crisis to another, I need some truth and light spoken over me. And it’s a bonus if my kids come in and catch a few words to start their day too. 

Christian Podcasts meant for women, have this magical way of taking my busy life and giving me something to look forward to in those necessary, unglamorous moments. I don’t necessarily ALWAYS have a podcast on, but those are some of my favorite ways to listen when I do. 

Christian Marriage Podcasts

Conversations with John and Lisa Bevere This podcast doesn’t focus solely on marriage, but is like sitting down to coffee with a team of wise mentors who speak life over you in many areas of faith and growth. You can visit Lisa’s Website here.Conversations with John and Lisa Bevere

Here’s what listeners have to say: “This podcast is amazing! The word is always so timely and helps keep me grounded during this time. I look to John and Lisa as spiritual parents!”

“I just wanted to say that the truth of God comes out of John and Lisa. Thank you both for listening to His voice and obeying. I have some pivotal moments in my Christian walk that have been transformed by words the Holy Spirit spoke directly to me through the Bevere’s. Listen to this podcast!! It will bless you and stretch you.”

“I’ve been listening to John and Lisa’s podcast on Spotify and I’m hooked. God is using them to speak into my life. I started with Honoring God through Healthy living. It was a timely word since I’ve been praying for a breakthrough in my eating habits. It’s helped me add more pieces to my puzzle. Making it easier and making me stronger in God to honor him in what I eat and drink (1 Cor. 10:31). Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your family are an inspiration and a blessing.”

Fierce MarriageShow hosts Ryan and Selena Frederick discuss modern marriage issues with their trademark transparency, humor, and gospel-centered discussion. Join them for honest conversations, light-hearted hilarity, and more than enough grace to go around. You can visit their website here

Fierce Marriage Podcast

Here’s what listeners have to say: “Ryan and Selena both have endearing personalities and are so enjoyable to listen to. They speak a ton of truth about marriage in light of the gospel and are vulnerable about their own walk. Super thankful for such truth and transparency!”

“Their podcast had helped my marriage for sure, but it’s also opened some new ideas regarding my own spiritual life. I can’t say enough great things, seriously worth the download and listen. The Office quotes don’t hurt either!”

Marriage After God – A weekly marriage focused podcast hosted by Aaron and Jennifer Smith, authors of Husband After God and Wife After God and their newest book titled Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose For Your Life Together. Marriage After God is intended to encourage, inspire and challenge marriages to chase boldly after God together and to cultivate an extraordinary marriage with each other. Stay tuned each week for awesome marriage encouragement. We hope that we can shine a light on why God has brought you and your spouse together and how you can pursue His purpose for your life and family with joy and excitement. You can visit their website here.

Marriage After God Podcast

Here’s what listeners had to say: “I love this God loving couple. Their advice has helped my marriage so much. Been listening to them for about two years now! They are such an encouragement to me and my husband. Thank you Aaron & Jennifer for telling us the truth and being real.” 

“You guys…I can’t say enough about what your podcast has done for me. It has strengthened the way I handle things/how I look at things in my marriage, but more so..y’all continue daily to strengthen my faith in God. I can’t thank you enough…I would be lost without you guys!!”

“This podcast is beneficial, encouraging, and practical. Aaron and Jennifer honestly share their story and wisdom with men and women. I love how the couple speaks to each other and their listeners. They don’t hide behind the messiness of life. They tell it how it is and give practical advice to apply to your life. This podcast is a wonderful way to start each morning on a positive, encouraging note!”

Christian Parenting Podcasts for Women

Don’t Mom Alone with Heather MacfadenHeather MacFadyen, mother of four boys, connects you the listener with people and resources to help you feel less alone. Consider it an invitation to “withness”. This is the perfect parenting podcast for Christian Women. You can visit Heather’s website here.

Don't mom alone podcast

This is what listeners had to say: “Thank you so much for bringing on such diverse guests, speaking truth and encouragement, and being a source of light into my life. I’m a momma of 2 (one on the way!) so having a toddler and soon to be newborn I’m always looking for ways to point me back to Jesus because boy do I get distracted! I’ve shared your episodes with singles and older empty nesters! So this is not just for moms with kids. Keep doing what your doing and thank you for the reminder that we are not in this alone!”

“It feels like you’re talking to a friend when you’re listening to Heather. She’s warm, inviting, down-to-earth, funny, encouraging, and so wise. I am extremely grateful that she continues to bring this material to moms (and beyond) and truly feel God uses her to speak directly to me.”

“This is, by far, my favorite podcast for Moms. Heather always comes through with wise guests, authenticity, great questions and truly making me feel less alone in this Motherhood journey. If I have taken my eyes off Jesus, after I’ve listened to one of her episodes, I’m pointed right back to Christ. I will continue to share this podcast with every Mom I know. Thank you for great content that I can use, practically, in my life as I try my best to train my kiddos up in the ways they should go!”

Risen Motherhood PodcastA weekly podcast for moms. A space to remember we are not alone in our experiences, be challenged to have joy among the chaos, remember grace covers guilt, and seek the truth of the gospel above all else. This is a podcast for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn’t have it all together – but comes everyday, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does. You can find the Risen Motherhood website here.

Risen Motherhood Podcast

Here’s what listeners are saying: “Risen motherhood has been a lifesaver for me. I struggle deeply with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. R|M has kept me going week after week with Gospel truths and deep theology that resonates with my soul. Thank you ladies for given me what I so truly need! And helping me continue to chase after Jesus every day!”

“This podcast is my go to when my heart needs to be led straight to the gospel. They’re not going to tell you how to Montessori, how to make your toddler listen to you, how to “do it all”. They’re going to tell you that when you fail, it’s ok. When you fail, it’s a reminder that we need Jesus truth imprinted in our hearts. It cuts through all the crap, and takes you straight through the cross. Simplicity for my soul, amidst so VERY much advise, all the time.”

“Every Mama needs to listen to this!!! This has become the perfect companion for a stroller walk through the neighborhood, feedings, and any other daily mom activities. It stirs and directs my heart to stay focused on Jesus, reorients myself to him, and helps me love my little ones more like Christ. I found this podcast in a really rough point of motherhood and it changed so much for me. I will never be able to put into words what this ministry has done for me and my walk with Christ.”

At Home with Sally Clarkson Home is the place where the whispers of God’s love are heard regularly, the touch of His hands is given intentionally throughout the day, the words of His encouragement and affirmation pointed to lay the foundation of loving relationships where a woman conducts the beauty of this life within its walls. I hope you will find inspiration to cultivate such a life within the pages of this blog. I welcome you here! You can find Sally’s website here.

At Home With Sally Podcast

Here’s what listeners are saying: “Love love love! Feels like a much needed chat with my grandma.”

“Miss Sally is my mentor in every way as she points her listeners and readers to Christ through her gleaned wisdom of raising four children and living a life of service to others. At the end of every podcast I find myself saying with a sigh, “I love you, Sally!””

“This is my very favorite podcast – I have always wanted a mentor like this – I once bemoaned the fact that there seemed so few older women to be a Titus 2 mentor in my life and then God brought me to Sally. Cannot say adequately here how valuable this woman is to me- I always feel like I’m listening to “Lady Wisdom.” 

Christian Activism Podcasts

The Real Mom PodcastA Podcast for Biological, Adoptive, & Foster Moms. No experts. No topics. Just real talk from real moms about real life. You can visit the Foster the Family Blog here.


Here’s what listeners are saying: “As a foster/adoptive mom, this podcast has been so valuable. Especially when I’m feeling alone or isolated. Jaime, thank you for being real and vulnerable and constantly pointing to the Bigger Picture of why we do this. I’ve initiated relationships with birth parents with confidence because of the women on this podcast.”

“This podcast has become a key component to my survival as a foster parent. It is inspiring, uplifting, and educational.”

“I am beyond excited about this podcast. There has been a glaring black hole in regards to quality podcasts around foster care and adoption and Jamie is the perfect person to fill it. I found myself laughing, yelling “YES!” out loud and also crying in this first episode. We don’t need “how to’s” we need “I’m with you’s”. The real talk is crucial for this audience who struggles to find likeminded people who feel called to pursue this world of foster/adoption. We aren’t alone, we can do this hard thing God has called us to and we can lean on one another.”

Be the Bridge Podcast with Latasha Morrison – Best-selling and award winning author, bridge-builder, reconciler, and a compelling voice in the fight for racial justice. In 2016, Latasha founded Be the Bridge, a non-profit organization equipping more than 1,000 sub-groups across five countries to serve as ambassadors of racial reconciliation. This podcast is another step is cultivating conversations that will hopefully lead to real change. This is the best podcast for Christian Women everywhere who want to be part of racial reconciliation. You can find Be the Bridge Ministries here.

Be the Bridge Podcast

This is what listeners are saying: “Thoughtful, informative and accessible- I always come away feeling both challenged and encouraged.”

“Latasha – thank you so much for creating a space where we can come together, learn, grow, support, go there, giggle, and call each other higher in racial reconciliation. I’ve listened to 4 or 5 and they are fantastic!! However, the giggles between you and Jennie made. my. world. Hearing how joy can come within a hard topic where there is such vulnerability and while even remembering awkward beginnings — God is good and He is so, so here!”

“Latasha Morrison is a leading voice in our generation when it comes to issues of justice. When she speaks, we should listen!”

The New Activist From the International Justice Mission comes The New Activist podcast. Each week, you’ll hear from the activists and world changers tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. You can visit the IJM website here.

The new activist podcast

This is what listeners are saying: “This podcast is a must listen for anyone engaged in the work of faith based activism. It explores a wide variety of topics while grounding its conversations in the changing ways of being the church and exploring new ways to advocate for justice in the world in the 21st century. Great guests, an incredibly thoughtful and well prepared host – this is a vital part of my regular learning as I grow as a church professional. Keep up the good work!”

“This show has enlarged my view of the world, of the variety and severity of injustice, and of God’s relentless work of rescue! Thankful to listen to this show, and thank you, Eddie, for your commitment and care toward each topic. You give the silenced such dignity.”

“This podcast is absolutely amazing, for addressing conversations that are difficult, challenging, and can be uncomfortable to face, but definitely needed!! Highly recommend to those who want to support the organizations and causes but might not know how to engage with these modern day issues and discussions!!”

Christian Health and Wellness Podcasts for Women

Gospel Centered HealthJoin Gospel Centered Health weekly to learn tips for living a fit life that brings honor to Jesus. For too long we have allowed the world to tell us what healthy living looks like. It has nothing to do with vanity, but everything to do with loving others like Jesus. We take a Christ-centered approach to nutrition, emotional health, exercise, self-care, prayer, and lifestyle. I LOVE this podcast for Christian Women! You can visit the Gospel Centered health homepage here. 

Gospel Centered Health Podcast

This is what listeners are saying: “As a certified health coach and a disciple of Jesus that is passionate about health and wellness God’s way so women can live their God given purposes here on earth, I’m so excited about this podcast and Mendy’s heart and help! To God be the Glory!”

“This podcast is a breath of fresh air in the health space for me. Mendy’s honest, authentic, Christ centered approach to whole body health is so refreshing. Truthful but not legalistic, honest but not “judgy”. I promise you’ll love it! I’ve already learned so much!”

“The world needs more women like Mendy. Her authentic approach to faith and health is fabulous and real. I appreciate her honesty and wisdom when living out the Christ centered healthy life daily. So many great nuggets of truth. I can’t wait for the next episode.”

Revelation WellnessWellness and fitness and training for your mind, body, and Spirit. When you are ready to lose what is weighing you down this podcast community is waiting for you. You can visit the Revelation Wellness website here.

Revelation Wellness Podcast

Here’s what listeners are saying: “Love, love, love this podcast! Each one speaks to my heart – no matter what day I listen, I ALWAYS know God has something for me in it. Thank you, Alisa and team, for allowing God to speak through you to disciple each one of us.” 

“God dropped this podcast in my lap at just the right time. Such great godly wisdom that helps me to look to Jesus for the power and strength to be well and live well in my body, spirit and soul!”

“I’m tired of the fitness industry saying that I’m never enough. Through this podcast, I’m constantly reminded that not only am I enough, I am also cherished, no matter how fast I run or how much weight I loose.”

The Healthy Christian Habits PodcastDo you ever feel like you can’t change no matter how hard you try? On the Christian Habits Podcast, we’ll talk about biblical transformation through the renewing of the mind. This is a practical, hands-on podcast that will help you break free from the things that control you: things like bad habits, idolatry, overeating, and negative emotions such as worry, insecurity, anger, and stress. We’ll also talk about how to develop a close relationship with God as we develop the habit of going to Him for help with life. You can visit Barb’s website here.

The Christian Habits Podcast

This is what listeners are saying: “I discovered Barb’s podcasts while looking up tips for God-focused weight loss and I’m so glad I found her! I love her advice for all things life, interviews with other like minded folks, and techniques for being successful with your goals. She presents information in such a laid back way that I feel like I’m getting advice from a friend.”

“Barb Raveling always covers great topics and she’s just such a comfort to listen to. When I listen to her podcasts, it feels more like a good friend sitting me down and telling me God’s truth in love when I need to hear it the most.”

“I enjoy listening to the Christian Habits Podcast because Barb has a way of breaking things down to their most basic elements and making them practical and simple! I come away with real solutions and a feeling like I can do this! She doesn’t promise any miracle quick fixes but what she gives is solid advice that is based on principles that come directly from God’s Word.”

Christian Mental Health Podcasts

The Place We Find Ourselves: The Place We Find Ourselves podcast features private practice therapist Adam Young (LCSW, MDiv) and interview guests as they discuss all things related to story, trauma, attachment, and interpersonal neurobiology. Listen in as Adam unpacks how trauma and abuse impact the heart and mind, as well as how to navigate the path toward healing, wholeness, and restoration. Interview episodes give you a sacred glimpse into the real-life stories of guests who have engaged their own experiences of trauma and abuse. Drawing from the work of neuroscientists such as Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, and Bessel van der Kolk, as well as Christian thought leaders Dan Allender and John Eldredge, this podcast will equip and inspire you to engage your own stories of harm in deep, transformative ways. Even though this is by a man, it is excellent information in podcast for, Christian Women every where can benefit from. You can visit Adam’s website here. 

The Place we find ourselves

Here’s what listeners are saying: “I’ve learned so much about myself, my trauma, my grief and who God is, in those moments through your podcast. I’ve been able to look at myself and my past with so much more kindness. This podcast has changed who I am. Thank you.”

“I have found this podcast to be essential in my walk with Christ, because healing is essential to the Christian life. This podcast is truly a blessing to all!”

“Every episode I have listened to has blown my mind. I’m understanding myself more and able to extend self compassion. It has helped my marriage. Through listening to this podcast, my husband and I both recognized that we were insecurely attached as children. The way that manifests has affected us and our relationship. This podcast gave us a framework to work with and tools and resources to pursue healing and a deeper understanding of each other along the way. I am so grateful.”

The Confidence Podcast – Trish Blackwell The Confidence Podcast is the podcast for women who struggle with perfectionism, self-doubt, and a self-critical voice. If you know you have potential and purpose, but you still secretly feel like you’re behind, not enough, or even an impostor, then this podcast is for you. In each episode, world-renown Confidence Coach Trish Blackwell will teach you how to live confidently and courageously as the woman God created you to be. This podcast is your weekly resource to train your thoughts, take them captive, and use them to help you live with joy, abundance, peace, power, and, of course, confidence. You can visit Trish’s website here. 

The Confidence Podcast

Here is what listeners are saying: “I first started listening to Trish’s podcasts a little over a year ago. I cannot tell you how much it has positively changed my life! Trish has taught me how to have a more confident mindset and she does it with the ease and love of a best friend. She sprinkles in messages of faith and God to make this podcast unlike any other.”

“I stumbled across your podcast at the perfect time! I cannot thank you enough for the fire it has lit under me to make some long overdue changes in my life.”

“Trish, your podcast is one that i listen to and immediately feel peace like a good therapy session. I am inspired to show up just as i am and take chances just hearing all the struggles and thoughts you have that mirror what i feel. Your vulnerability is inspiring! Thank you for going first and revealing god through your words!”

The Complicated Heart Podcast: How do you forgive when the wound is still open? How do you leave a legacy of redemption instead of dysfunction? How do you trust God when your deepest fears are realized? Join Sarah Mae (and wise mentors along the way) as she explores these and other messy heart topics and the strategies we can use to seek healing in the pain and restoration in the ruins. | New episodes every Tuesday! You can visit Sarah Mae’s website here.

The Complicated Heart Podcast

This is definitely what my heart needed to hear on such complicated matters. I love that there was no blanket solution given, but it all came back to asking the questions of your heart concerning your relationship with God and your relationship with the person in front of you. So good!

I am absolutely loving this podcast. It is so encouraging to hear Sara share with such Christ-centered vulnerability. I feel like trauma can be a hard issue in the church/among Christians. I can relate so much to Sara’s story of having a complicated heart in the midst of personally having a very painful and abusive childhood. 

Sarah’s words, through her book and this podcast, have been instrumental in my healing. She taught me what gaslighting was. She’s helped me see that the people who have hurt me have been through their own abuse and hurts. Listening to this podcast simply encourages me to keep walking out my own healing journey.

Faith Podcasts for Women

Woman Evolve Podcast Join Sarah Jakes Roberts as she shares her take on the week’s top stories in news and entertainment. Sarah has a unique way of reaching people who are seeking to make peace with their past, maximize their present, and deepen their relationship with God. At twenty-three years old she was tempted to allow her journey as a woman battling insecurities, teen pregnancy stigma, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and depression to define the rest of her life. It wasn’t until she was in her darkest moment that she realized she only had two options: settle or evolve. Sarah dared to harness the wisdom of her past wounds and apply them to the hope for her future. You can visit Sarah’s website here.

Woman Evolve Podcast

Here is what Sarah’s listeners say about her podcast: “Sarah is sooo real! Feels like your on the phone with your girlfriend or out for brunch with your girls.”

“I love the format of this podcast. It’s new and refreshing, raw and relatable. I love how it’s broken into sections so that there’s something for everybody and that the delegation chimes in. It’s a whole movement. We have our own sayings such as #mindyourbusinessanddrinkyourwater I feel connected as I listen in and laugh along!”

“Listen the best Podcast ever. It’s a perfect mix of girl talk and God talk. I LOVE IT!!! Download now.”

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey The Happy Hour Podcast is hosted by Jamie Ivey, and each week she brings a guest to the show. During the happy hour they will discuss anything and everything just as if you were around the table with your own girlfriends. Jamie loves to connect with women and encourage them as they journey through life. These conversations will make you laugh and cry all in one. The Happy Hour will be something you look forward to each week. You will be encouraged as you listen to other women talk about the simplest things in life to the grandest. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the conversation! You can learn more about Jamie by visiting her website here. 

The Happy Hour Podcast

Here’s what fans of Jamie’s podcast are saying: “Jamie Ivey’s podcast is relevant and timely every time I listen!!!!! She is not afraid to allow her guests to speak the truth in a way that honors God.”

“This is hands down, without question, my favorite podcast! Jamie has such a gift for what she does, and the guests she interviews are amazing in their own right. The way Jamie asks questions and leads her guests to share about the intricate layers of their own stories is so unique. I leave every episode feeling encouraged and pointed to Jesus. So so thankful for Jamie and this podcast! It’s my fave!!” 

“I am so thankful for this outlet each week to learn and be challenged by women of faith! Thank you Jamie for being used by God to encourage my soul.”

Whoa That’s Good Podcast with Sadie Robertson The “WHOA That’s Good” podcast welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given? Hosted by Sadie Robertson, best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” & season 19 of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” this fun and lighthearted podcast is sure to leave you saying, “WHOA That’s Good!” This is one of my favorite podcast for Christian women of all ages! Check out Sadie’s website Live Original here. 

Whoa that's good podcast

Here’s what fans of Sadie’s podcast are saying: “I’m an elementary school teacher and have a 30-40 minute commute every morning. This podcast sets me up to have a great day and reminds me of who I’m representing. I find myself regularly pausing the podcast to type a quote I heard from the podcast on my phone. So much quality squeezed into every podcast. It’s the honesty I need delivered with 100% good intentions.”

“Sadie, I absolutely love your podcasts so much. I just started listening to them this month and I can’t explain how you’ve changed my perspective in the way I view things. You are so real and raw, thank you!”

“I am a 35 year old wife and mom, and I LOVE this Podcast. Sadie is young but her words and responses are so wise and so full of truth. I enjoy all the guests she has on this Podcast. I mostly listen to it while I’m doing these daily tasks that seem mundane (cooking, cleaning, driving) but the Lord always meets me where I am, and I gain something from each episode.”

The next right thing with Emily P. Freeman For the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant, or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue, best-selling author and host Emily P. Freeman helps create a little space for your soul to breathe so you can discern your next right thing in love. Because out of the thousands of decisions you make everyday, chances are a few of them threaten to keep you up at night. If you’re in a season of transition, waiting, general fogginess or if you’ve ever searched “how to make a decision” on the internet, listen in. You can find Emily’s website here. 

The Next Right Thing Podcast

This is what listeners are saying about the Next Right Thing Podcast: “Emily’s thoughtfully crafted words have been a blessing to me over the last 3 years. She has helped me process the goodness and burdens of everyday life, the loss of loved ones and even a pandemic. She offers gentle hope and even gentler opportunities for mourning.”

“Emily makes me feel so encouraged and loved through her words. Her voice feels like a hug. Her podcast truly helps me to remember how much God loves me!”

“I can’t tell you how many times God has spoken directly to me through this podcast. Her voice is soothing and she provides you with practical and spiritual truths that just feel like a warm hug from a close friend. And we can all use a little of that right now.”

Pray The Word with David Platt – Author of Radical book Short, daily meditations on God’s Word that not only drive us to pray, but drive how we pray. Featuring teacher, author, and pastor David Platt. You can visit David’s website Radical here. 

Pray the Word Podcast

This is what listeners are saying about the podcast: “Starting my morning with this mini bible study & connected prayer is a great blessing for me. Thank you Pastor David Platt. Precise, concise, but intense and inspiring.”

“In the morning, I just really need to start with Jesus, but can’t always make it up before little ones. This is short and simple but oh so rich. Perfect to listen to before we start our day.”

“This podcast is such a glorious way to start or end your day. It brings you at the heart of scripture, crying out to God daily, with His words to give us a more godly, eternal perspective and remove the focus from ourselves onto Him.”

Christian Business and Money Podcasts for Women

The Jennifer Allwood Show Welcome to my podcast where I help business owners grow their social media following and then use it to make money in the online space. Each week I share topics that will help you learn how to build an audience, sell online, and grow your business. I also bring in business experts to share their invaluable insight, wisdom and best business tactics, and we talk about how to apply this to your business. We discuss how to overcome and be aware of mindset challenges that creative business owners usually face. You can visit Jennifer’s website here.

The Jennifer Allwood Show

This is what fans of Jennifer’s show are saying: “I LOVE Jennifer’s show! If I’m struggling with business or belief in myself… Jennifer is the one that can light me on fire! She helps me to believe in myself and my dreams! I’m so thankful for the honest and raw information that she shares with us! I just adore her fun and spunky personality!”

“The Golden glittery nuggets Jen gives are so helpful in business, in life, and in my spiritual life! Not only does she give sound business advice and tips but she focuses on the biblical and spiritual aspect of business as well! Thanks Jen for all you give! The INNER CIRCLE has helped immensely and I couldn’t imagine doing business without being apart of it!”

The Rachel Cruz ShowMoney should be fun, not stressful. Learn practical tips on how to save more money, get out of debt quickly and make progress toward your goals. You can take control of your money and create a life you love. My husband and I have loved Dave Ramey’s podcast, but this one by his daughter Rachel, really resonates with me as a Christian woman looking for a podcast about handling money God’s way. You can visit Rachel’s website here.

The Rachel Cruze Show

Listen to what fans of the show are saying: “I love the variety of topics and all the practical tips and info I get listening to Rachel’s show! She gives you ways that you apply everything and it is so helpful. Works for people of all income levels.”

“I love that Rachel incorporates things that effect your debt free journey. Like food, relationships, and the emotional rollercoaster you go through. Tactical tips, and people who are still on their journey.”

“I love the joy and transparency Rachel brings to the table. She talks about money in a real and non-judgemental way and her financial advice is practical and doesn’t go over your head. She covers important aspects of life beyond money too like relationships, family, work, and travel resulting in a helpful podcast of diverse subjects that will leave you feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed.”

Blessed and Bossed UpThe BBU Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches purposeful women how to be uncompromising in their faith, business, and total life success with God as the CEO.

Your host + sister in Christ and success, Tatum Temia Ayomike, is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive producer, author and devoted Christian who has committed her life to help women bridge the gap between faith and business. Her impact as the CEO of Anchored Media includes a global reach of millions of listeners across 75+ produced podcast shows in just 2 years. Through her personal brand, Tatum has cultivated a community of businesswomen who give God full authority to use their business as a vessel for the Kingdom. Using the word of God as her platform, Tatum’s prayer journal and published books offer instrumental guidance to ‘boss up’ in any entrepreneurial venture. You can visit Tatum’s website here.

Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast

This is what listeners of the show are saying: “Blessed+Bossed Up is by far my favorite podcast to listen to. It’s refreshing to listen to someone you can relate to. Every message and every word spoken resonates with my own personal experience. Thank you Tatum for your gifts and voice.”

“I found this podcast at a pivotal time in my walk with Christ and in my journey of entrepreneurship and it has done nothing but ENHANCE MY LIFE and take my relationship with God to another level! My business is taking off and I’m leveling up and God truly used Tatum to get things going for me! Listen to what God has for you through these messages, apply them and watch your life bloom!”

“This podcast has blessed my life over the past 6 months! I have grown spiritually and matured in a business sense! I am thankful for the knowledge I have gotten and am ready to aim higher and get out of my own way!!!”

Christian Comedy Podcasts

Correct Opinions with Trey Kennedy the first show where every opinion is correct (in my opinion.) If you’re just as annoyed as I am with the over-the-topness of today’s social media crazed world then you’re in the right place. Whether I’m riffing on trending topics, my experiences, your college roommates “small business” (we know you haven’t sold a single t-shirt, Jason) or recurring segments such as “Another Dumb White Baby Name,” I speak for us all on why people need to just do less. Let’s take a deep breath, make fun of some people and enjoy some remedy through roasting. In a growing world of “extra,” come join a community where we have had enough. Do less. God bless. You can check out Trey’s website here. 

Correct Opinions Podcast

What fans are saying about the show: “Trey gives a refreshing perspective on just about everything! He stays clean, he steers away from political jargon, and he just tries to keep your spirits up!!!”

“I am not a person who laughs out loud when listening to podcasts but this show cracks me up every week. I laugh out loud at my desk and it’s such a nice break in my day.”

“Absolutely love this podcast! Whenever I listen at work, it takes a lot of effort not to audibly laugh. This podcast always cheers me up!”

Annie and Eddie keep talkingFriends and podcasters Annie F. Downs and Eddie Kaufholz host a 30ish minute show, releasing Tuesdays and Fridays, promising laughs, random topical deep dives and rabbit trails… all the things you’ve come to expect when Annie and Eddie keep talking. You can visit Annie’s website here.

Annie and Eddie Keep Talking

This is what fans of the show are saying: “If the characters from Seinfeld took over the show “60 Minutes”, then you sprinkle it all with a faith-based perspective, you basically have Annie and Eddie Keep Talking. (A lot was happening there, I know.) I don’t know how they do it, but these two cover a wide swath of topics—pop culture, theology, sports, news, existential questions—while somehow managing to talk about nothing at all. Thoughtful, funny, poignant, absurd, honest; I never miss an episode.”

“Truly, this podcast has been a bright light in a very dark year. The smiles, the laughs and the permission to feel all the feelings has been just phenomenally powerful and encouraging.”

“Relaxed chat, fun topics, never inappropriate, perfect length! I never miss a Tuesday or Friday. I watch while doing dishes, walking around the neighborhood, or driving my kids around.”

The Jamie Grace Podcast – Hosted by 2x Grammy nominee, Dove Award winning singer-songwriter Jamie Grace, The Jamie Grace Podcast features weekly episodes on life, love, friendship and more. If you’re a fan of heartfelt rants and random life recaps full of sincerity, sarcasm and sass, you’ll definitely love The Jamie Grace Podcast. You can visit Jamie’s website here. 

The Jamie Grace Podcast

This is what listeners are saying: “Jamie is super funny and encouraging! She speaks truth and mixes it with humor. I can tell that she honestly lives a godly life, and that’s huge!”

“I really, really enjoy this podcast! Jamie is such an inspiration to me personally and this podcast reflects this inspiration. She’s so unfiltered and real. She doesn’t edit out parts that may seem embarrassing and this allows me to say “I do that”!”

“Honestly I can’t say enough good things about Jamie and her lovely podcast. She is so truthful, so real, and absolutely hilarious. Listening to her podcast is like listening to a friend. So graceful for her heart in sharing her wisdom and thoughts with us all in such a fun, and sassy way.”


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