Gospel Centered Health

This is everything you need to know about Biblical Healthy Habits. We’ll talk about why it’s important, how the fitness industry has failed us, and the exact 7 habits I used to recover my health. 

Let’s talk about meal planning, what to eat, when to it eat, and how to customize it so it works for your specific body. Plus an action guide with 25 meal preping tips from a mom of five. 

Enjoy all the benefits of a yoga type workout, but without the Hindu focus. You will work your core, improve posture, and reduce stress with these mindful Christ centered workouts. 

A week of 20 minute Bible Studies to cover each of the 7 healthy habits!

Print and post above your scale or in the  mirror, and have an answer for the shaming, negative thoughts keeping you stuck. 

If you want to have healthy habits, you need to set yourself up for them! Get rid of the foods keeping you unhealthy, and stock up with quick snacks and clean staples to make eating healthy a no brainer!

A master shopping list and menu planner to keep you organized. Post these in the kitchen so you will always have an answer for “what’s for dinner?”

Chose the activities you enjoy, walking with girlfriends, biking with the family, mindful workouts, or bodyweight youtube videos, and write them into your fitness planner. Make sure your plans are doable and FUN!

Tracking your healthy habits takes 5 minutes and will make you 50% more likely to achieve them. This may be the most important thing you do! 

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