Learn the gospel centered health approach to mastering healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and process through your emotional eating triggers with Professional Christian Counselor Mendy Shriver.  


EVEN IF YOu've tried 61 diets by age 45 like the average american woman

Can you relate to one of these scenarios? 



You long to get off the crazy yo-yo diet cycle and feel peace about your body and your habits for the long term. But past failures have paralyzed you from trying anything else. Getting healthy doesn’t even feel like a possibility.  


From all that trial and error, you have found some habits that work to keep you healthy, but you’re bone-weary trying to sustain them. No matter what you do, it never feels like enough. You know you can never measure up to the idyllic pictures published by the fitness industry of women with nearly no body fat.

We’re going to put an end to this dieting madness right here and right now. Dieting doesn’t work, we all know that, so let’s not waste any more time on it!


Understand and process your emotional eating triggers, so you can finally feel in control of food and not the other way around.

Layer healthy habits in a way that feels easy, so you can keep them for the rest of your life.

Be filled with gratitude for the body God gave you, without getting knocked over with shame and comparison to other women.

Are you ready to find freedom from emotional eating, shame, and comparison, and bring God into every part of your health journey? Let me tell you about . . .

Your 6-Week Christian Health Coaching Workshop with Counselor Mendy for Christian women ready to end emotional eating with God’s help!

 Perfect for new moms needing to prioritize their health, busy working women trying to balance it all, and menopausal women who need lifestyle support to balance hormones.

I did this study years ago when it was first created. Taking it again now was a great idea. I’m at a different place in my life and it impacted me in a very different way.  It positively changed my perspective in how I plan my meals and my day. The study and the group kept me engaged and laughing. We are all humans doing the best we can. The biggest lesson to learn from this study is Jesus made you, loves you and is your guide to a healthier lifestyle living for him and with his help.  All things are done through him.

Thanks Mendy!


At the end of Grace & Grit you'll know how to:

Understand your emotional eating triggers so you can seek the Lord for comfort instead of food.

Know what non-food daily habits will decrease your hunger and positively impact your mental health.

Understand how God created your body to function and discern the healthiest diet for you.

✓ Recognize if you have a sugar addiction and know exactly what foods to swap.

✓ Find freedom from the comparison-shame cycle that has you emotionally and physically unhealthy.

What's included in ...

  • Session 1— It’s Not Your Fault ($147 value) Between factory foods that hijack our hunger cues, and the habits within society, we are set up for failure with our health and weight. Unhealthy and overweight is common, but it’s not God’s best for us.
  • Session 2—Inherited Habits ($147 value) Explore the inherited food and health habits you were raised with, and how those impact you every day.
  • Session 3—Food Journaling for Emotional Triggers ($147 value) Learn all about food triggers and how to write down what you eat, and notice triggers that happen before emotional or overeating.
  • Session 4—How to be Present with Hard Feelings ($147 value) We often eat or drink to avoid feeling difficult emotions, but instead of eating our feelings, we can allow ourselves to feel and process them, so we can be truly free.
  • Session 5—The Role of Sleep in Overeating ($147 value) Explore your sleep habits, how being overtired affects your eating and energy, and practical steps to improve your sleep.
  • Session 6—Is it Hunger or are you Actually Thirsty? ($147 value) Learn the effects of mild to moderate dehydration on the brain and body, and how your water intake impacts your hunger cues.
  • Session 7—The Comparison-Shame Cycle ($147 value) Learn about our culture’s obsession with comparison, and how it impacts our yo-yo dieting cycles and shame.
  • Session 8—Finding Satisfaction in Christ ($147 value) Study what the word of God says about your health and habits and find your greatest satisfaction in Christ.
  • Session 9—The Movement-Mood Connection ($147 value) Daily movement has a huge impact on your mood, which also impacts your eating habits, and your ability to serve the Lord with energy.
  • Session 10—Sugar Addiction ($147 value) Find out how to know if you have a sugar addiction, and what effects it is having on your health. Walk away understanding the scriptural mandate of moderation in the Christian life.
  • Session 11—Sugar Detox ($147 value) What to expect from a sugar detox, the benefits you will experience, and simple swaps to satisfy your sweet tooth without impacting your blood sugar.
  • Session 12—How to Make Healthy Choices Easier ($147 value) Apply the Blue Zones research to your lifestyle and learn practical tips from Mendy on how to make healthy choices, the easiest ones.


included bonuses!

Hi, I'm Mendy!

A Professional Christian Counselor AND a Personal Trainer!

I’ve been coaching women as a trainer and gym owner since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Okay well maybe not technically that long, but I started when my youngest was a baby, and he’s now a towering 17-year-old. 

I’ve spent more hours than I can count counseling women and teen girls, and I’ve trained thousands of clients, earned over a dozen certifications, ran my own gym.

I also fell flat on my face when life got hard and walked with God as he scraped me up off the floor and showed me a better way. I’ve had the opportunity to see what motivates women, what common obstacles and fears they face, what keeps them going long term, and how their relationship with Christ affects their physical health. 

Did I mention I did all this with 5 kids, two of who are adopted from West Africa? I’ve walked some very hard realities; lived with anxiety and depression, contemplated suicide, and struggled to help my husband recover after a stroke. I know if I can do it, with God’s help, through some of the most chaotic and dark circumstances, you can too. 

“I didn’t think I could run a mile. So, I never ran. But I’ve learned how to get past those mental roadblocks and challenge myself. Now, because of encouragement and proper instruction, I know I can do it, WITHOUT STOPPING, and I actually enjoy doing it! It’s my reset button. A couple of hours a week that I can ignore all other responsibilities and just sweat out any issues. It’s nice to have that support group of strong women with the same goals and struggles. I’m down 15lbs and 6 dress sizes.”



You can plan on about 1 hour a week for 6 weeks to complete the Grace & Grit Coaching Program. You will receive two emails a week with access to a new video that is 20 to 30 minutes long, and a printable journal sheet with 3 journal prompts.

Fast results are what the diet industry is built on and directly lead to yo-yo dieting. The better question is, will I see long-term results? The answer is a resounding yes! When you tackle weight loss from the heart and the habits, you give change the power to last.

After 15 years as a fitness professional, I hear you. That industry is sustained by our repeated failure. This is different. This is heart and habits for the glory of God. When we switch our motivation from outward to inward, everything about the process changes.

All the products I offer are Biblically based and use the wisdom of habit formation as their foundation. The Healthy Habits Bible Study and 90-Day Journal are meant to do on your own or do with a small group and are both physical products you can write and journal in that will be shipped to you. Grace & Grit Coaching is more like sitting down with me as your personal coach and is video format with printable journal prompts. Though Grace & Grit coaching is not counseling, I use my background as a Professional Christian Counselor to inform the content of the videos. In Grace & Grit coaching, we take a deep dive into topics like emotional eating, comparison, habit formation, and sugar detox that is not covered in the Bible Study or Journal.

Having worked with women from teens, to new moms, to working women, to post menopausal women, I can say a resounding yes, it’s for you! In the Grace & Grit coaching, we take a deep dive into understanding what triggers emotional eating specifically for you. The whole program, much like my Professional Counseling, is tailored for your unique experiences and season of life. I am a firm believer that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution and you will learn how to seek and hear God’s wisdom for your health.

Grace & Grit coaching is NOT a diet or workout program. Instead, I teach you to investigate the emotional and habit causes of overeating. In the program, I do encourage you to eat as close to the way God created food as possible and to move your body most days of the week. If you would like to add a clean eating recipe book or workout program you really enjoy, you certainly can. But I caution you to take it slowly and implement one new habit at a time, so you will experience truly lasting change.

We have a small team of amazing and experienced Christian women at Gospel Centered Health who regularly check our inbox and are eager to support you on your health journey with the Lord. Simply email us at mendy@gospelcenteredhealth.com

From my professional experience in both the fitness and counseling worlds, I know that the best way to have change that lasts is to go slow. Slow is hard because we are not used to it as a culture, but it is the only way to make changes you can stick with. The Grace & Grit program will be delivered to your email one video at a time, twice a week, over 6 weeks. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed with all the material at once and give up! I want this truth to have time to marinate in your soul and create a spiritual transformation that will forever change the way you approach your body.

The Grace & Grit Coaching program will be delivered to your email, and you can watch the videos from any web browser. You will also receive a printable journal prompt guide with each email, you can print, or you can simply use a pen and paper and copy the short prompts and fill in your answers.

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will receive a final email with links to all 12 videos and a PDF of all 12 journal prompt pages. I suggest you store this email in a folder so you can reference back to it anytime you need.

We would love it if you would share your experiences with a friend and encourage her on her healthy journey with the Lord! You can refer her back to Gospel Centered Health to purchase the program for herself, but we ask that you not share any emails or links to the materials with her.

My prayer is that this program is used by the Holy Spirit to meet you exactly where you need. But if you do not experience any change after going through the program, we ask that you first complete the program and course work, then simply email us with pictures of your course work and your reasons why it didn’t help you, and we will offer you a full refund. We would also love for you to share how the product could be improved to meet your needs best.