in your health!

Get ready to love the body God gave you

with our Healthy Habits Bible Study Bundle!

If you’re committed to improving your health and faith, this is everything you need to make it happen even though this world seems to be swirling in chaos!

Whether you’re looking to make a shift with your health because the stresses of this year have taken their toll on your body . . .

Or you’re realizing that better health will give you the energy to do the things you know God’s calling you to do . . .

The Healthy Habits Bible Study and 90-Day Journal will make it super easy for you to know how to make it happen. It will give you the training you need to connect your health and worth to God’s word, develop healthy habits that will energize you, and give you easy steps to take care of the one body you’ve been given. 

If you need a plan to jumpstart your health QUICKLY, this is the best way. 

Get started with my crazy inexpensive training that includes over $200 in total value.

This bundle includes the strategies, practices, and biblical methods you need to get your health at peak performance. 

This is not some surface-level, waste-your-time training. (Because as busy women none of us have time for that!)

This is real meat you can sink your teeth into. There are actionable plans…there’s homework…this is the real deal!

Here's the rundown:

What does the bible say about depression

This bundle will give you everything you need to press the gas on your health goals for just $52. You will get help with everything from gospel centered body image, to fitness, to meal plans. 

Healthy Habits for Depression

In addition to the Bible Study and Journal shipped directly to you,  you will get a PDF bundle. The pages will help you with meal planning hacks, grocery lists, and stocking your kitchen.

90-Day Healthy Habits Journal

I also give you a way to keep track of your habits with the 90-Day Healthy Habits Journal. This is kind of like a score card to help you see your growth and where to lean in even more. This beautiful journal will be shipped directly to you.

Faith and Fitness 7 Healthy Habits

In this Healthy Habits Bundle, I’m giving you everything I know about jumpstarting your health God’s way for just $52. 

After going through this training, you will-

  • Become a pro at meal planning healthy foods you actually like
  • Be on the top of what the research says about staying healthy long term
  • Know exactly what biblical habits will move the needle forward on your health
  • Have a powerful response for the negative thoughts every time you look in the mirror
  • AND be tracking your growth!

Here's what's inside:

8-Week Healthy Habits

Bible Study

This is everything you need to know about Biblical Healthy Habits. We’ll talk about why it’s important, how the fitness industry has failed us, and the exact 7 habits I used to recover my health.

$27 Value

90-Day Healthy Habits Journal

The 90-Day Healthy Habits Journal will help you put everything you learn in the Bible Study into action. You’ll have 90 daily spreads tracking your habits, reading scripture, home and work to-do lists, and journaling to God. Plus weekly spreads to take notes, and help you plan your calendar and meal plan.  

$34 Value

Healthy Habits Toolbox +Mindful Workout Classes

Your toolbox includes a leader’s guide and weekly videos for the Bible Study, a 21-Day Clean eating meal plan, and Mindful Workout Classes. You can enjoy all the benefits of a yoga type workout, but without the Hindu focus. You will work your core, improve posture, and reduce stress with these mindful Christ centered workouts from personal trainer Mendy.

$147 Value

Plus you get this PDF bundle to stay organized

Menu Worksheets

A master shopping list and menu planner to keep you organized. Post these in the kitchen so you will always have an answer for “what’s for dinner?”

Fitness Planner

Chose the activities you enjoy, walking with girlfriends, biking with the family, mindful workouts, or bodyweight youtube videos, and write them into your fitness planner. Make your plans doable and FUN!

Habits Tracker

Tracking your healthy habits takes 5 minutes and will make you 50% more likely to achieve them. This may be the most important thing you do! The habit tracker follows each of the 7 biblical healthy habits. 

More than $200 in value

Total Price $52

If you’re on the fence or you know darn good and well God is calling you to take action with your health, but you’re scared to pull the trigger, check out these stories from women JUST LIKE YOU:

Ashley Christian | Healthy Habits customer and mom of 5

Ashley Christian

“I’ve been struggling with emotional eating and weight loss for years. I’ve tried every trick in the book and always feel like I don’t measure up to some of my super fit friends or those bikini selfies. This class gave me a different perspective and mindset that I desperately needed. I can never thank Mendy enough for using her story and vulnerability to help me truly love the body God gave me, there is no feeling in the world quite like it.”

Marlene | Healthy Habits group leader at her church

“This class has been a life changer because it transforms the way you think about staying healthy. I used to think I wanted to be healthy so I could be the best version of myself and so I could be there for my family. Those are some pretty good reasons, but there is an even better reason to live a healthy lifestyle. Mendy helped me to reframe my thinking so that the Gospel is the foundation upon which I consider my health. There is no better foundation to build anything!”

Who is the Healthy Habits Bundle for?

The Healthy Habits Bundle is for:

  • New moms looking to get their health and energy back
  • Women who have been heavy consumers of the fitness industry and are looking to redefine their worth by God’s standards
  • Middle aged and older women who need the healthy habits God created for their bodies to balance hormones, stress, energy, and pain

The time to put your faith in God’s good plans for your health is now!

If you’re scared this is just one more “diet plan” you will try and fail, you have never before leaned into what the word of God has to say about your habits and worth. 

If you’re afraid you will be stuck at this size, with your aches and pains and no energy to LIVE your life forever, sister I have been there too and I would love to help lead you to lasting health for Jesus. 

If this year and the crazy state of our world has done a number on your stress level and body, you can put on the “quarantine pounds” and just survive, or you can focus on the one thing you actually can control and reset your health.

We've had some questions about this bundle, maybe you want to ask...

Absolutely! The Healthy Habits Bundle focuses on foundations like clean foods, sugar detox, meal prepping, and emotional eating that can all be tailored around the way of eating that works best for you. 

Before starting any exercise plan you should always consult with your doctor. However, after years of punishing my body at the gym and my joints paying the price, I understand! I have designed these mindful workouts to be low impact, and focus on posture, core strength, and lowering stress. Always listen to your body and modify accordingly. 

Friend, I completely understand. We didn’t get to the part yet where I had 5 teenagers while going through grad school! That’s why I made this bundle for busy people like me and you. It has exactly the meat you need to jumpstart your health without the fluff or 84 extra trainings. The Bible Study can be done in 10-20 minutes each day!

Health is about a lot more than the number on the scale. The Healthy Habits Bundle takes a holistic approach, including the body, mind, and soul. My hope is that every woman who goes through this Bible Study will have the tools she needs to be truly healthy and that she would know her immeasurable worth in Jesus. 

After 17 years in the fitness industry, I’ve had time to see what does, and doesn’t work for my clients to see longer term success, even many years later. You know what the number one factor is? Habits! If you have a lot to loose, a bootcamp or crash diet will only have you yo-yoing and shaming yourself. Start with the Biblical Habits Training and you will learn that health can be who you are, not something you do. 

You will receive a physical copy of the Healthy Habits Bible Study and the 90-Day Journal shipped to your address. The rest of the materials you will be able to access online. 

Friend I love that you are wanting to connect with other women and make a difference in their lives for Jesus! Everyone who purchases the bundle will be given access to a printable leader’s guide, weekly videos, and a professional 1-minute promotional video to share your group with others. 

Meet Mendy Shriver

Have you ever hit rock bottom, and reached that empty place where you have nothing left but to cry out to God?  That was me at 39, I had hogged the spotlight as a gym owner and trainer for too long, yet secretly I was binge eating ice cream to deal with emotional pain of our adoption.  I knew God was calling me to something boldly different, a holistic ministry for women teaching them God’s idea of health and fitness.  

For years I had clung to my need for control, proving my worth, and striving to look good to our culture, but it eventually broke me.  It took the shattering of my fragile world to recognize my deep need and dependance on God. I finally listened to the passion that had been stirring in me for years, and sold my business to pursue the mission I knew God was calling me to as a Professional Christian Counselor helping women follow Jesus with the power of healthy habits.

As a personal trainer AND Professional Counselor, I now want women to see themselves through the eyes of Christ instead of what the fitness industry projects.

I’m on a mission to help women see that God doesn’t care about your love handles, he wants you to live a healthy, joy-filled life! Keeping a healthy body is bigger than you, it is part of God’s grand purpose. Healthy people have able bodies that can serve without limitations.  God wants us all to understand that healthy living begins with Him, not with washboard abs!

I am an energetic and crazy mother to 5 teens/young adults who came to our family through birth and adoption, grandma to one, and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 24 years. I have a master’s degree in Christian Marriage and Family Counseling and am a Professional Christian Counselor. 

More than $200 in value

Total Price $52