Biblical Healthy Habits Training

Have you been praying for direction in your health and feeling like a failure at everything you’ve ever tried? Read every word on this page . . .

I thought I could do it on my own, but started to use words like ‘failure’ and ‘slave’ when it came to my issues with food. I never heard a sermon on a Sunday morning about my health, so I struggled alone without God’s help.

If you’ve ever told yourself “suck it up buttercup and get back on that treadmill”, but time and again ended up secretly crying in the back of the Dairy Queen parking lot shoveling spoonfuls of ice cream into your mouth, you’re not alone.

The FREE Biblical Healthy Habits Training will help you regain your worth in Christ. Reading what God says about your health, will give you the internal motivation to sustain lasting healthy change.

>> Never feel shame again from failed yo-yo dieting.

>> Rid yourself of the “I look gross” self talk when trying on swimsuits and skinny jeans.

>> Understand that God wants to take this fitness journey along side you. 

Your free training includes:

*The 7 Biblical Habits that will help you be truly healthy from the inside out

*Bonus Mindful Movement Workout to strengthen core, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. 

Never live with guilt, shame, and self loathing again!

Stuck in a vicious cycle of dieting and "I look so gross" self talk?

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