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About Mendy

Have you developed unhealthy habits simply trying to get through each busy day, and felt stuck to change? Me too friend!

As a personal trainer, I taught women how to maintain optimal fitness. Yet I binge-ate ice cream to deal with the emotional pain of my struggling marriage and international adoption. I was not sleeping well and lived off two pots of coffee each day. I wasn’t exercising, yet I wrote workouts for others. I stopped reading my Bible and was too busy to notice God’s blessings. 

I began to feel miserable and suffer from severe migraines. I was chronically dehydrated and gained weight. My body began to break down and I need surgery. In the midst of my striving came extreme overwhelm. I felt Jesus whisper, “Mendy get back to the basic habits that bring you closer to me throughout each day.” 

Now as a Certified Counselor and follower of Jesus, I want women to see themselves through the eyes of Christ. His ways are simple. His way brings renewal, forgiveness, and peace. In contrast, the world tells us to strive more, be more, do more.  

I am a certified professional counselor and the coordinator for Pleasant Valley Counseling Center in Liberty, Mo. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and grandma to the cutest baby girl. My husband of 24 years and I have three biological boys and two adopted daughters from West Africa.