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The On Demand Training is no longer available.

But you can still learn about and enroll in the BodyLove Program at the regular price. I don’t want you to stay stuck any longer!

Here's what happens after enrolling in the BodyLove Program:

  • You’ll look in the mirror, wobbly and saggy parts and all, and radiate with joy from ear to ear, knowing you are fiercely loved just as you are by the ONE who created you. Your friends will want to know where you picked up your new confidence from! 

  • You’ll walk up and down the stairs 8 times with laundry, soccer balls, and the cat, and not even get winded! Because now you live your days with more energy, less pain and a better mood (and we all know if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!) You won’t worry about your health stopping you from chasing your kids, trekking across the world on mission trip, or running through a muddy obstacle course with friends from the office.  

  • You’ll grocery shop like a pro, armed with healthy meal plans the whole family will go bananas over.  With a library of new favorite recipes handy, you’ll be able to effortlessly eat well, even with your eyes closed! Instead of obsessing over what to eat, you’ll have all that mental space free to follow God’s call on your life.

Are you ready to start loving the body God gave you?

Sorry you missed the 20% off discount. You can still enroll in the BodyLove Program for the normal price of $249. I don’t want you to stay stuck any longer!

All because you know how obsessed God is with you, and you put the 7 Biblical Healthy Habits into practice with ease, (without obsessing over macros, bootcamps, or selfies.)

"It's nice to have that support group of strong women with the same goals and struggles."

“I didn’t think I could run a mile. So, I never ran. But I’ve learned how to get past those mental roadblocks and challenge myself. Now, because of encouragement and proper instruction, I know I can do it, WITHOUT STOPPING, and I actually enjoy doing it! It’s my reset button. A couple hours a week that I can ignore all other responsibilities and just sweat out any issues. It’s nice to have that support group of strong women with the same goals and struggles. I'm down 15lbs and 6 dress sizes."
Theresa Rice

The BodyLove Program

The only health program for Christian women centered on the gospel. Be truly set you free from the vicious cycle of body shaming, yo-yo dieting. Let’s get off the rollercoaster friend, and live life to the fullest with Biblical healthy habits!

Marlene - Bible Study Leader

“Gospel Centered Health is a life changer because it transforms the way you think about staying healthy.  I used to think I wanted to be healthy so I could be the best version of myself and so I could be there for my family.  Those are some pretty good reasons, but there is an even better reason to live a healthy lifestyle. Mendy helped me to reframe my thinking so that the Gospel is the foundation upon which I consider my health.  There is no better foundation to build anything on.”

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill has 4 kids, and since working with Mendy is more vibrant and full of energy than she’s ever been. She Lost 20 lbs and 16 inches in 16 weeks. She said what worked for her were basic habits, especially old fashion clean eating and exercise. Here she is after her first half marathon.

Kelly - Mom to 4

“I was tired of people asking me if I was going to have another baby.” She decided to work with Mendy and get healthy, and ended up effecting her family too. Her 4 kids now ask for spinach and natural peanut butter and are doing lunges with her. Her husband has joined her and is noticing a big difference in the way he feels, his energy, and is buying new pants. Together Kelly and her husband have lost 20 pounds total. “I was having some health problems and Mendy suggested I read a book, so I did and cut out gluten and I haven’t had any problems since then”, says Kelly. “Thank you Mendy!” 

If you want to stop being a slave to weighing every ounce of food or choking down cauliflower pizza and still hating your back fat, you've come to the right place my friend.

Get the program now for $249

Why should you listen to me?

First off, I appreciate your skepticism.

These days anyone with a wifi connection, yoga mat, and great selfie skills can claim to be a an online fitness coach.

They simply regurgitate every trick, tip, and hack they hear at their gym, from fitness influencers, or their up-line. They have all the advice in the world but when you ask how it’s working for their clients long term, all you’ll get is blank stares.

The truth is, I’ve been coaching women as a trainer and gym owner since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. Okay well maybe not technically that long, but I started when my youngest was a baby, and he’s now a towering 16 year old. 

I’ve trained thousands of clients, earned over a dozen certifications, ran my own gym, and fallen flat on my face when life got hard, and walked with God as he scraped me up off the floor and showed me a better way. I’ve had the opportunity to see what motivates women, what common obstacles and fears they face, what keeps them going long term, and how their relationship with Christ effects their physical health. 

Did I mention I did all this with 5 kids, two who are adopted from West Africa? I’ve walked some very hard realities; lived with anxiety and depression, contemplated suicide, and struggled to help my husband recover after a stroke. I know if I can do it, with God’s help, through some of the most chaotic and dark circumstances, you can too. 

Grandma Deb

Grandma Deb worked with Mendy and lost 2% body fat, 4 lbs, and 3.5 inches, and gained a bunch of energy to chase her grandkids!

Melanie Hudson

“I love Jesus, he is my ALL! But the Body that HE created I have decided to fill it with negativity and a bunch of junk! I’ve been trying to listen to what HE needs me to hear!”

Mary Swope

Mary Swope and her friend Theresa worked with Mendy and lost 24 pounds and 8.5% body fat. She loves the confidence and better mood she has to be the best mom to her daughter.

What exactly do I get?

  • 8 weekly lessons in a self paced online course 
  • 200 page BodyLove workbook download with 40 devotionals following the 8 week program 
  • In depth Biblical teaching on the 7 Biblical Healthy Habits and a daily habit tracker
  • Meal plans, shopping lists, and fitness plans done for you, along with empty worksheets you can print and customize
  • New workout videos every week
  • LOL mini episodes just for us girls with my hilarious pal Kristen

Are you ready to start loving the body God gave you?

In my gym I would have charged over $450 for this program, but you can get full access for my everyday price of $249.

Now the power and value from those 8 weeks is worth way over $249, but because I’m obsessed with seeing you thrive, I’m tossing in over $134 worth of must have bonuses completely free . . .

  • Bonus 1: 4 Meal Prep Bonus Lessons ($28 value)

  • Bonus 2: 7 Fitness Bonus Workouts ($28 value)

  • Bonus 3: NEW Gospel Centered Mindful Meditation Workout to reduce stress, increase sleep, stretch, and work your core strength. ($28 value)

  • Bonus 4: Facebook support group of strong Christian women with the same struggles and goals. ($50 value)

When you add it all up, it’s a total value of $383, but because I’m SO excited to help you, you can enroll now for just $249.

Get the class now for $249:

Things you'd be smart to ask before grabbing your "I'm all in" details on the next page:

#1 What if I have already tried so many things before and failed at loosing weight or gained it back?

This is actually a great thing. It means you have a deep desire to become a person who is healthy, and you’ve actually gained more of those healthy habits and skills along the way than you realize. It will make it easier to layer them together in the BodyLove Program for lasting success. You’ve probably heard the saying “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” You’ve never had this program before, and you’ve never invited Jesus into your health journey like this before and really taped into your internal motivation, you can certainly expect a different result.

#2 Don’t I need a gym membership or workout equipment to see results, or specialty foods or bars to make this work?

After 15 years of training people, I’m the first to understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to your health journey. I recommend you have a small set of weights (5, 8, and 10 are a great starting place) and an exercise mat. If you have more equipment already or a gym membership, great, you can certainly put it to use, but it’s not necessary to complete the workouts in the program. While I do recommend some of my favorite bars and shakes to busy people, that I personally use and love, you absolutely don’t need them. All the ingredients in the meal plans are simple, real foods that can be found at your local grocery store.

#3 Can I really sustain these changes for the rest of my life?

Yes you can! I have seen so many of my clients do it, I know you can too. The BodyLove Program hits hard on the two biggest factors in long lasting success, habit formation and self image, all founded in a relationship with Jesus. When you see yourself as a healthy person who has naturally healthy habits, long term results will be an effortless outflow of who you are.

#4 I’ve seen other courses that promise big results and compelling before and after photos in a short amount of time. Can I just do one of those and read my bible?

While you might be able to do one of those programs and continue your walk with Jesus, you won’t be truly reaching the heart of the matter, your identity as a healthy person in Christ. Without addressing all the parts of who you are, physical, spiritual, emotional and how that relates to your health, you’ll risk gaining it all back.

#5 Will I really have time?

Look, I get you’re a super busy woman who is either working, raising children, supporting your spouse, or possibly all of the above. That’s why this program is focused on layering daily healthy habits, one at a time, over 8 weeks. If you try and overhaul your health all at once, you’ll be exhausted and give up easily. With a slow and steady approach, you’re building habits that last a life time. Plus I’ve created the meal plans and workouts for you, and put all your materials into one organized place and in the online course.

Okay, but how much time will I have to actually spend doing the course?

The course is self paced over 8 weeks. There are 5 lessons in each week. It’s as simple as spending 15 to 30 minutes a day studying God’s word and your health. If you can invest another 5 hours per week into getting some exercise and preparing healthy meals, you won’t recognize yourself in 8 weeks! It’s a small investment of time for life time of energy, confidence, and connection with your Savior.

#6 What do I get again? And when does it start?

When you purchase the BodyLove Program, you’ll get instant access to the online course and all the materials you need in it. The BodyLove Program includes 8 modules with videos, bible study and application, workouts, meal plans, and fitness tracker.  And don’t forget about these bonuses:

Bonus #1: 4 meal prepping bonus lessons, with Mendy demonstrating in her kitchen and sharing a lesson from the Bible while you learn these valuable meal prepping skills.

Bonus #2: 7 bonus workouts from your Pilates certified instructor, Mendy, tips on how to safely do lunges and squats, and a variety of workouts to keep your body challenged and growing.

Bonus #3: NEW Gospel Centered Mindful Meditation Workout to reduce stress, increase sleep, stretch, and work your core strength.

Bonus #4: Facebook support group of strong Christian women with the same struggles and goals.

#7 How do I get all my stuff again? Do I get anything in the mail?

You will get instant access to everything in the course sent to you via email which you can access with a login into the website www.gospelcenteredhealthclasses.com. Everything you need will be available to download and print right there. 8-week bible study, health trackers, and worksheets, so you have it easily available all in one place.

#8 What if I don’t like the course, can I get my money back?

I’m so confident the BodyLove Program is the missing link between you and becoming and staying truly health. But just in case, you have a full 30 days to put the program into action before making a final commitment. If you do the work and decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and email us snap shots of the first 2 weeks of completed worksheets, and we will refund your investment. However, if you’re buying this course to just sit on the shelf, don’t bother. I only want ladies who are ready to take action now!

#9 What’s that link to buy again? Simply click here below:

You were made for more

Love, Mendy