Healthy Habits Bible Study Toolbox

I am so proud of you! You’ve taken the first step of placing Jesus at the center of your health by starting this Bible Study.

Diet culture promises big transformations and shiny before and after photos that make you think “If only I looked that way, then I would feel happy.” These are lies from the enemy. Lasting joy is found in Jesus alone. And lasting health is found through healthy habits with the goal of honoring God in our bodies.

I spent 15 years in the personal training industry, and now as a professional counselor, I can see the dangerous cycles of dieting shame that lead to emotional eating and poor health. There is a better way, and it’s found in the Bible! 

In this toolbox, you should find everything you need to be successful, but if there is something you’re missing or need help with, please email me any time at mendy@gospelcenteredhealth.com.

Grab a Girlfriend or a Group!

Both modern science and the word of God tell us that those who are connected to a community fare better than those who aren’t. Grab a girlfriend or a group to go through the study with you! You can make it as simple as weekly text accountability with a friend, or gather a group and meet in your home or at a church. Download our simple Leader’s Guide with specific suggestions for each of the 9 weeks you meet. 

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Track Your Progress

Download the Simplified tracker, or Order the 90-Day Habits Journal

Download the Simplified Habits Trackers

Print 40-50 copies of the tracker and place it in a binder.

Order the 90-Day Healthy Habits Journal

and receive 20% off with the code biblestudy20

Take a Look Inside the 90-Day Habits Journal ...

Easy Spa Water

Bonus Videos

On the go Breakfast Burritos

Emotional Eating

Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

Mindful Total Body Ball Workout

Strength and Balance Workout